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Your Window of Opportunity

Windows 10 is a part of Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace offering, designed to be compatible with the hardware, software
and peripherals your customers already own. Updates are always enabled to help them stay up-to-date with features and security for the supported lifetime of their device.


If your customers business processes sensitive data, operates in a regulated industry, or develops intellectual property, then security and compliance will be one of their top priorities. Windows 10 provides the same level of security and control used by some of the worlds largest and most complex organisations in a format designed for small businesses.

Windows 10 Enterprise in CSP


Providing enterprise-grade security and control for transforming and growing small and mid-size businesses with extra security and management needs, some of the great benefits of Windows 10 Enterprise include:

checkmark-small   Seamless upgrade from Windows 10 Pro that saves time


checkmark-small   Subscription-based model, allowing customers to keep the costs low via monthly payments and no upfront costs


checkmark-small   Per-user licensing, simplifying compliance requirements and providing scalability

Windows 10 Enterprise lowers up-front costs and lets you easily scale as your customers needs change with pay-as-you-go flexibility and per-user, per-month billing. Protecting data, devices, and identities with the most secure edition of Windows ever.

Discover more about the SMB opportunity:

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