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This Promotion is exclusively available to Cloud partners transacting via the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and applies to specific cloud services purchased through the Microsoft CSP licensing program only (the Eligible Products).


Promotion Period: 2nd May to 30th June 2017


The Prize


Each winning partner will be awarded 1 place to a VIP hospitality event (the Event) at the biggest tennis tournament in the world – the Wimbledon Championship 2017! Partners will enjoy a VIP hospitality experience including fine wines, exquisite dining, centre court tickets and exciting branded give-aways.


The Event


The Event will take place on Friday, 7th July 2017 and will include the following experiences:


  • Official Debenture No1 Court
  • Champagne reception served to your table
  • Complimentary bar
  • Three course à la carte menu with a choice of specially selected wines
  • Traditional Wimbledon afternoon tea with strawberries and cream
  • Plasma TV screens to keep guests informed of play
  • Garden area to relax and unwind
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wi-Fi throughout
  • Car parking on request
  • Official Wimbledon programme
  • Commemorative VIP pass and documentation
  • Shuttle bus to and from Southfields Tube Station (from 10am to 9pm)
  • Private table for guests
  • Branded give-aways


Qualification Criteria


There is a maximum of 7 prizes to be won for the Event and these will be allocated to net new and existing indirect CSP partners who have met the eligibility and performance criteria outlined below:


• 3 places for new partners transacting Microsoft CSP via Ingram Micro for the first time during the Promotion Period


  • The partner must provision a minimum of 10 seats from Eligible Products during the Promotion Period.
  • The qualifying partners will be selected and determined based on achievement of the highest number of net seat adds (NSAs).
  • Eligible products: Office 365 Suites with Office, Office 365 Suites without Office, Office 365 Standalone Office, Office 365 Standalone Server, Other ASG Office Online, Project Cloud, Skype for Business Voice.


• 2 places for existing partners who are already provisioning and transacting Microsoft CSP via Ingram Micro at the start of the Promotion Period


  • The qualifying partners will be selected and determined based on achievement of the highest number of net seat adds (NSAs) during the Promotion Period with a minimum of 5 NSAs per end customer.
  • Seats for net new end customers will be doubled, for example, 10 seats will be counted as 20 towards the overall achievement.
  • Eligible products: Office 365 Suites with Office, Office 365 Suites without Office, Office 365 Standalone Office, Office 365 Standalone Server, Other ASG Office Online, Project Cloud, Skype for Business Voice.
  • Eligible product families: Office 365, Azure, EMS & Dynamics 365.


• 2 places for net new and existing partners provisioning and transacting Azure via CSP on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace


  • The qualifying partners will be selected and determined based on achievement of the highest number of net new active tenants added during the Promotion Period. An active tenant is defined as an end customer tenant with usage consumption.
  • o Min billed revenue of £150 per partner during the promotion period.
  • New and existing partners with end customer tenants having no usage consumption during the Promotion Period will be excluded from the final active tenant count and the calculation of results.
  • Eligible products: All Azure via CSP excluding Azure Active Directory, Azure Rights Management and Azure Information Protection.




This Promotion does not extend and apply to any other cloud services available on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.
This Promotion is offered in addition to any other existing promotions that partners currently qualify for.




The prize will be awarded to the Participant legal entity and it will be up to the winning Participant to determine how to allocate the prize internally to a member of staff. Only one prize with participation at the Event will be awarded to each winning partner. If there are more than 2 or 3 equally qualifying and winning Participants in each of the three incentive groups, Ingram Micro will determine the respective winners at its discretion on the basis of the highest total value of purchases by each of the winners from Ingram Micro in the first 5 months of 2017.


The winners will be notified by e-mail on Monday, 3rd July, 2017. As the hospitality Event is taking place shortly after the end of the Promotion Period, regular communications will be sent to the participating partners throughout June notifying them of their respective progress. Partners can also get an update on their current position by contacting their Ingram Micro Cloud Account Manager at any given time during the Promotion Period.


All winners will have to sign a Winners document to state that they accept the terms of the Promotion and that they have authorisation from their employer to accept the prize and participate in the Event. It is the participants’ responsibility to ensure that they are eligible/entitled to receive the hospitality and any personal gifts within the terms of their employment and employment contract. The participants agree to indemnify Ingram Micro against any claim raised by their respective employer against Ingram Micro if such claim is a result of a breach of the participant’s obligations towards his/her employer. It is also the prize winners’ responsibility to declare and pay any income tax or other applicable taxes levied on the hospitality and gifts received from Ingram Micro.


All participants have the right to request reasonable evidence for their qualification for the prize draw; however, Ingram Micro reserves the right to disclose the results only an anonymous basis (i.e. not disclose the names of other participants). The winners receiving the prize and participating in the Event may be required to sign a release prior to the Event included in the prize.


Terms and Conditions


Participation in this Ingram Micro incentive (“Promotion”) is subject to the participating reseller’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out below. By registering for the incentive and entering the competition, the participating reseller accepts the Terms and Conditions.


The following terms and conditions apply to Promotions and marketing campaigns offered by Ingram Micro:




The Promotion (“Promotion”) is operated by Ingram Micro (UK) Ltd. (“Ingram Micro”), CBX II, 406- 432 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 2EA. The Promotion runs for a specific time period (the “Promotion Period”) as determined by Ingram Micro and described in more details in the Promotion Details section above. Ingram Micro reserves the right to prolong the Promotion upon notice on the Promotion websites. The Promotion applies to Participants registering within the Promotion Period. Details of the Promotion are set out in the Promotion Details section.




The Promotion is open to Ingram Micro resellers located in the United Kingdom (“Participants”). Employees of Participants may participate in this Promotion only if authorized to do so by Participants (“Participating Individuals”). Participating Individuals must be 18 or over at the time the Promotion begins and still be employed by the Participant when the Promotion Period ends. The Participating Individual confirms by acceptance of these Terms and Conditions that s/he has obtained the approval from senior management to participate in the Promotion and receive the prize. Only one registration/participation is allowed per reseller. Ingram Micro reserves the right to disqualify any Participant or Participating Individual who submits more than one entry. By entering this Promotion the Participant agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions and will accept that the decisions taken by Ingram Micro shall be final and binding. Employees of Ingram Micro or its agencies are not eligible to enter the Promotion.




Cash alternatives will not be given in lieu of prizes and no prize substitution shall be granted except at the discretion of Ingram Micro. If a prize cannot be consumed or received by the Participant for any reason or situation on the part of the Participant, the Participant will return the prize to Ingram Micro against no compensation. If a prize cannot be granted due to circumstances beyond the control of Ingram Micro, a substitute prize of equal retail value will be given. Winners will be elected under Ingram Micro’s award and selection procedure, which is set up to ensure a fair, independent and non-discriminatory selection of the winners. Winners will be notified by telephone, email or in writing within 30 days as of the award of the prize. If a winner cannot be contacted or is disqualified, Ingram Micro reserves the right to determine an alternate winner by drawing another name from qualifying Participants. The accounting treatment of the prize shall be the Participant’s and respective winner’s responsibility.


Taxes and Liabilities:


Any prize granted in the course of the Promotion may be subject to general restrictions imposed on the provision of such prize by law or any government decision, or to specific identified individuals. In the event Ingram Micro cannot grant the prize for such a reason then it shall use reasonable endeavours to find a substitute prize of equal value. Any tax or national insurance contributions or incidental expenses arising from the prize shall be the sole responsibility of the relevant winner. If Ingram Micro is required by law to withhold or deduct taxes such taxes will be debited the Participant’s account with Ingram Micro. For this purpose the Participant grants Ingram Micro an irrevocable authorisation to debit the value of any taxes resulting from any prizes awarded under the Promotion. By entering the Promotion, Participants and Participating Individuals agree to release and hold Ingram Micro harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the Promotion, or resulting from acceptance, possession, participation, or use of any prize, including and without limitation, personal injuries and death (unless caused by Ingram Micro’s negligence), as well as property damage and claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy and merchandise delivery. By entering the Promotion, Participants and Participating Individuals agree that any problems with the usability or functionality of the prize are subject to the prize manufacturer’s guarantee which is either detailed in the product documentation of the prize or which can be ordered from the manufacturer directly. The winner is responsible for following all instructions and to comply with all requirements to register the prize and raise any claims directly with the manufacturer.




Without limiting any other remedies, Ingram Micro may suspend or terminate the participation in the Promotion if Ingram Micro has reasons to believe that the Participant has engaged or are about to engage in, or have been in any way involved in or linked to, fraudulent activity in connection with the Promotion. Ingram Micro may issue a warning, suspend or terminate the participation or refuse to grant the prize if (i) the Participant or the Participating Individual is in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any terms incorporated by reference; (ii) despite Ingram Micro’s reasonable endeavours, it is unable to verify or authenticate the Participant or the Participating Individual through the information provided upon registration or upon awarding of the prize; or (iii) Ingram Micro believes that the Participant’s or the Participating Individual’s acts or omissions may cause Ingram Micro financial loss or legal liability. By entering the Promotion, Participants and Participating Individuals agree that, in the event of winning a prize, Ingram Micro may use their name in publicity and waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use. Ingram Micro owns all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Promotion, and the Promotion or parts hereof may not be used without Ingram Micro’s prior written consent. Any intellectual property rights in the prize remain with the manufacturer or publisher. The Participant acknowledges that participation in the Promotion is voluntary and that neither the Promotion nor the prize shall not be construed as any attempt by Ingram Micro to bribe the Participant or Participant Individuals to obtain or retain any business, and that neither the Participant nor Participant Individuals are under any obligation whatsoever to confer any business advantage to Ingram Micro or that the Participant or winner’s independence will be affected. The Promotion is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales without its conflicts of law. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Ingram Micro reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without advanced warning or notice, to suspend, withdraw or cancel the Promotion for any reason and at any time and to exclude a Participant and/or Individual Participant who do not abide to these Terms and Conditions from this Promotion at any time.


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