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Microsoft Cloud with Ingram Micro

Increased performance, reliability and productivity for your customers. Long-term opportunities for cloud service providers.

Offer a range of cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Azure or Microsoft cloud storage, that improve performance, reliability, productivity and save on cost – choose Microsoft Cloud computing with Ingram Micro.

Microsoft Cloud services are driving digital transformation for many UK companies. Work with Ingram Micro, an official Microsoft cloud distributor, to seamlessly provide the cloud solution to your customers so they can join this digital revolution.

IT experts said finding a cloud solution was top of their agenda, according to our own survey. Make sure you are the cloud solution provider (CSP) they are looking for and help them on their digital transformation by becoming a cloud reseller with Ingram Micro.

Microsoft Cloud benefits

  • Cost savings
  • Increased speed of delivery
  • Improved productivity
  • Scalability of service
  • Improve performance
  • Reliability of service

Why become a Microsoft CSP and partner with Ingram Micro?

You might be wondering why you cannot circumnavigate a Microsoft Partner, such as Ingram Micro, and directly partner with Microsoft yourself.

The truth is, you can. But here are some reasons we recommend choosing an existing Microsoft Cloud service partner, such as Ingram Micro:

The primary reason most resellers choose to work with a Microsoft Partner such as Ingram Micro is the capital required to sell directly with Microsoft. Costs can reach hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more.

Naturally, working with Ingram Micro means a reduced financial risk to your own business, as well as benefiting from the experience, expertise and extra resource a partner like Ingram Micro can provide.

Working with us also means you can realize the benefits, and revenue, from selling cloud services immediately rather than trying to recoup the costs of any large upfront investment.

There is also a set of minimum criteria to meet to become a direct Microsoft CSP, including offering 24/7 technical support, creating a billing platform, selling 5,000 new Office 365 seats every year, to name just a few.

Clearly, this requires a level of resource that not all IT firms or resellers have or desire to maintain. Ingram Micro can provide you with this resource and support, the benefits of which can be passed on to your clients.

Perhaps the biggest benefit from becoming a reseller is it allows you the time and freedom to focus on the extra value you can add for your customers.

In turn, this allows you to expand your offering as you see fit. You can invest more time and money and build up your cloud offering relatively quickly, or gradually add more services and products as you see fit. It’s completely up to you.

Speak to our experienced team who can work with you to understand your business position and help you build a strategic approach to your cloud services division.

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace makes it easy for you to sell and manage your customer’s cloud services in a single platform.

Sell, provision, manage and invoice a wide range of Microsoft cloud platforms and services with confidence, ease and speed, all within our Cloud Marketplace. In fact, creating your customer’s cloud can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Offer scalable enterprise-grade functionality to your small and medium-sized clients
  • Intuitive online business development resources and marketing support programmes your own and your customer’s sales efforts
  • Access the complete Microsoft Cloud Solutions stack from one location, so you can increase your chances of upselling products to your customers
  • Cutting-edge technology to grow and support your business
  • A large team of dedicated operations, sales and training professionals ready to help support your business
  • A wide range of cloud services that make it easy to order, manage, provision and invoice

Find out more about Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and become a partner, or speak to our team on 0371 973 3060 or email

Cloud computing is a huge opportunity, so it’s important to know exactly where those opportunities exist. We commissioned a survey to find out what businesses were actually doing with cloud computing.

Cloud services are not just being used for the less important parts of business infrastructure – it is being relied upon for much more important systems and tasks. In fact, 78% of end-user organisations are using cloud services for both critical and non-critical business infrastructure.

Cloud storage is a safe, reliable and secure way for any business to store data and it’s also easily scalable, with 75% of respondents using cloud computing for this purpose.

But cloud is being increasingly adopted for other workloads and applications, such as email (62%), file sharing (57%), building apps (33%) and many more.

Businesses are reaping the rewards of cloud solutions. Cost savings (63%), better scalability (62%), data security (50%) were the top benefits seen by end user organisations.

Cloud isn’t going away and nor do businesses want it to – 78% say they want to continue to adopt cloud solutions and 48% intend to migrate all critical and non-critical system infrastructure to the cloud.

This means there is huge potential for cloud solution providers (CSPs) to ensure they are more valued and trusted than ever as a business partner to help reduce complexity and deliver value for customers.

It may be true that only 8% of end-user organisations buy exclusively through resellers, 42% buy from both resellers and direct from developers.

This means there’s still an opportunity to grow customer purchases from resellers. In addition, 86% of resellers manage their client’s services once they have purchased from them leading to long-term revenue potential.

You can see more information and statistics by viewing our infographic.

To find out more about costs, visit our Become a Partner  or speak to our team on 0371 973 3060 or email

Paradise Computing

Ingram Micro and Paradise Computing have enjoyed a strong working relationship since 2003, with Ingram Micro providing a range of services and software solutions that Paradise Computing deliver to their end users.

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