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Ingram Micro Cloud and McAfee security solutions

The Cloud offers SMBs access to the kind of IT resources that were previously only available to enterprises, so it’s no surprise that 93% of organisations today use Cloud services |in some form*. While the Cloud solves a wide range of business challenges for SMBs, security also poses a major issue. 74% of organisations store some or all of their sensitive data in the public Cloud*, and access points and data transfer between private and public Cloud networks represent particularly vulnerable areas. The expertise to fully protect this data is in short supply, and this is creating a barrier to Cloud implementation: 49% of organisations report that they’ve slowed Cloud adoption because of a lack of cybersecurity skills*.


Offer your customers peace of mind.

Providing McAfee’s proven security services as part of your Cloud portfolio allows you to deliver a comprehensive solution, letting your customers take full advantage of Cloud’s potential and helping you maximise sales opportunities.

Our complete security package provides:

  • Integrated McAfee anti-malware, anti-spyware
    and anti-virus, offering wide-ranging threat
    visibility and maximising protection against
    emerging online threats
  • Access to the skills, expertise and insight
    you need to secure your customer’s
    Cloud infrastructure
  • Management and provisioning through
    Ingram Micro Cloud


Your customers’ Cloud journey

Do you know how far your prospects and
customers are along the path to Cloud,
and the effect that security is having on their
progress? Download our free ebook to find out:


  • How organisations are using the Cloud today
  • The speed that implementation is progressing at
  • How security poses a barrier to Cloud plans
  • Where the risks are coming from

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