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Boost your Microsoft demand-generation efforts

Attract customers with branded digital content marketing

The average B2B sales cycle is getting longer. The business decision maker is 60+% of the way through the sales cycle before choosing a potential IT partner. Content marketing is an excellent B2B demand-generation approach to help you educate current and prospective customers.

Save time and money

generating your own branded content


Ingram Micro have partnered with Microsoft to offer you professionally customised content marketing resources that you can purchase, saving you time and money.


Your content marketing resources are:

  • Customised with your own branding
  • Professionally authored and designed
  • Business decision-maker focused
  • Positioned to educate end users in their buyer’s journey

What you get

You’ll work with the award-winning channel-advertising experts at Agency Ingram Micro
to gather input, learn more about your business and get to work branding pre-developed
Microsoft marketing assets in line with your company’s brand identity. Each asset
complements Microsoft’s four core-solution pillars:


  • Empower your employees
  • Engage your customers
  • Drive efficiency & profitability
  • Innovate with agility

You can purchase the following content marketing resources,

separately or as a bundle. Choose from:



Drive thought leadership through your website, social
media platforms and email campaigns with Microsoft
solution pillar e-books. Each is a responsive, digital
guide that outlines specific business challenges,
trends, market drivers, business outcomes and
Microsoft solutions, followed by a customised call to
action to your business.


Educate current and prospective customers with
infographics that support each Microsoft solution pillar
and can be promoted through your website, social
media platforms and email campaigns.


Lead-generating landing pages

Visitors to your landing page can learn more about a
specific Microsoft core-solution pillar by completing
a brief contact form to access your gated e-book or
infographic. You’ll receive a confidential lead list from
your designated Ingram Micro account representative,
so you can plan your follow-up calls.

Display ads

Boost your social selling efforts with customisable
Facebook and LinkedIn digital ads, designed to drive
clicks to your website, social media page or coresolution-
specific, lead-generating landing page and e-book.


Digital Package

Including digital ads, landing page, e-book and

Start boosting your Microsoft demand-generation efforts today.

For more information, contact our Marketing concierge.

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