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Making the future Cloud

The Cloud has changed the fundamental nature of computing and how business gets done, and it will continue to do so through to 2020.

Cloud is a significant part of how companies are consuming technology today. Cloud offers brand-new ways to solve business problems, and is unleashing the imaginations of companies across the globe. It has reached critical mass in the consciousness of small and medium-sized businesses, and is opening up faster and easier routes for making infrastructure upgrades, whilst increasing and improving IT capabilities.

Cloud has the power to be the most disruptive technology to IT solution provider business models over the past 25 years. That’s because it changes the way solutions providers and technology vendors get paid.


Ingram Micro and Microsoft are proud sponsors of the IDC Market Spotlight Series of papers. Developed to educate organisations on the cloud opportunity and provide guidance on how to succeed in the cloud, we are giving partners the opportunity to register and download the complete series for free.

IDC Market Spotlight Series

Your free downloads will include the following documents:


  • Cloud Definitions and Opportunity
  • Buying into the Cloud
  • Building a Cloud Practice: Challenges and Rewards
  • Building a Cloud Practice: Sales, Marketing, and Business Strategies
  • Building a Cloud Practice: Reselling Cloud Solutions
  • Building a Cloud Practice: The Role of IT Services

Cloud is a substantial transformative force impacting all areas of IT supply, composition and consumption for all buyers and sellers. To find out how Ingram Micro and the Cloud Marketplace can assist you in making the future Cloud, contact our specialist team today.


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