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Join Ingram Micro Cloud as we evolve your Cloud strategy and digitally transform your business from 450ft in the sky.


Take a new 360 degree perspective of your business as you join Ingram Micro CloudTM on a journey of empowerment where we will help you to monetize and manage the entire lifecycle of cloud services, infrastructure, and IoT subscriptions and simplify digital transformation with confidence, speed and agility. Learn from envisioners, analysts and industry influencers on their views plus take part in hands on workshops that deliver real action plans for your cloud evolution.


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Key Themes

  • Digital Transformation
  • The Ecosystem of Cloud
  • Market Differentiation
  • Industry Megatrends (IoT, Mobility, Big Data…)
  • Maximised Profitability
  • Productivity

Keynote Speakers & Workshops


Host & Facilitator

Georgie Barrat, Tech Journalist and Presenter will be joining us at the i360 Cloud Conference this October. Sharing her views on the disruptive behaviours of the digitally transformative environment around us, Tech Guru Georgie will also be sitting down to discuss the latest in Cloud trends and business transformation with our panel of keynote speakers.

Georgie Barrat, Tech Journalist & Presenter


Keynote: Accelerating your cloud business in a disruptive market

Join Apay Obang-Oyway and Georgie Barrat as we talk about the new norms we are seeing in the market today and how this is generating new ways of working in the digitally transformative world around us. What are the key drivers for this transformation and how does it impact and provide opportunity for businesses? You will hear from leading Cloud reseller partners TechQuarters and RedPixie to understand how they have embraced new business models.

Apay Obang-Oyway, Director, Ingram Micro Cloud, Northern Europe
Chris Dunning, Founder, TechQuarters
Mitchell Feldman, CEO, RedPixie


Keynote: Work smarter and more securely

With Digital Transformation a hot topic, hear from Microsoft’s Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate External and Legal Affairs as he talks to how Microsoft are delivering cutting-edge technologies that enable businesses to work smarter and more securely.

Hugh Milward, Senior Director, Corporate, External Legal Affairs, Microsoft


Keynote: Transforming to the Cloud

As we discuss your transformation in the cloud, we welcome an expert in cloud adoption professional and managed services to discuss a cloud adoption framework for your customers. Plus, hear from a partner who has utilised services to provide a superior experience for their customers. We will further hear from Connectwise on their strategy of enabling you to take the journey without increasing your operational headcount costs.

Jamie Bryant, Practice Lead, Comms-Care
Marc Turner, Head of IT Operations, Alternative Networks
David Bellini, President and Managing Director, ConnectWise


Keynote: Ceasing the market opportunity

What is the cloud opportunity and how can Ingram Micro Cloud’s ecosystem of partners can help you respond to the business challenges in your end customers? Join our panel as they provide insights on what the cloud opportunity means for the future of your business and how they are addressing the opportunity.

Colin Chesterman, UK Channel Manager, Dropbox
David Overton, UK & Ireland Country Manager, Awingu
Mark Williams, CEO, Pensar


13:30 Workshop: Leading the Digital Revolution | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The digital revolution is here, and the technology landscape is changing. New technologies such as Hyper Converged and Composable Infrastructures as well as various Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings are driving the way we need to engage with our customers and their needs. The shift of applications and workloads to the cloud, combined with the consumption of new cloud-based services, are seen to drive significant benefits, increasing speed and agility while decreasing costs and boosting productivity. Attend the HPE workshop to understand how we remain relevant to our customers in the face of this digital revolution.

Andrew Bourne, Solution Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


13:30 Workshop: Increase your profitability with Microsoft CSP and complementary cloud solutions | Microsoft

Microsoft CSP enables partners to become the trusted advisor and deliver world class experience to their customers with the support of an indirect CSP provider. In addition, partners receive significantly higher margins in comparison to other licensing models. In this session, we will highlight the advantages of CSP over Open and Advisor from a profitability perspective and will demonstrate how to boost profitability further through adding complementary services.



15:10 Workshop: Simplifying the way people work together

In this workshop we will provide insights on why Dropbox Business is being adopted and how it’s being used to simplify the way people work together. We will explain how Dropbox enables easy file sharing and collaboration across multiple platforms and device types, and why it fit’s so well with Microsoft Office 365. We’ll also outline the Dropbox simple, fun and profitable approach to working with partners and how you can get started.

Colin Chesterman, UK Channel Manager, Dropbox


14:20 Workshop: Understand the opportunity and how to transform your customers’ business with Microsoft Azure | Microsoft

In this session we will provide an overview of Azure via the Microsoft CSP program and guide you on accelerating cloud adoption by deploying hybrid solutions. We will look at the Azure costing models and profitability of Microsoft CSP using real-life examples. We will demonstrate how Ingram Micro Cloud can add value to your business through automated management of your customer’s subscriptions and billing in the Cloud Marketplace and the professional and managed support options available for both you and your end customers.

Paul Craft, Azure SMB Business Development Manager, Microsoft
Ross Daykin, Field Technical Consultant, Ingram Micro Cloud


14:20 Workshop: Earn more from the cloud without adding headcount | ConnectWise

by 2020, half of SMBs will have moved all of their business systems to the cloud. This rapid expansion of the Cloud Services Market has led to a paradigm shift in the IT Services space; in such an evolving marketplace it’s important not to get left behind. ConnectWise has been researching the obstacles Service Providers have encountered trying to incorporate Cloud Services as a practice area in their business. This session will discuss the challenges you’ve told us about and identify a new approach to address these. In such a commoditised marketplace making healthy profit margins on Cloud Services has proven difficult. We’ll show you how to:
a) Increase pricing by offering your customer greater value in your Cloud Services proposition
b) Manage costs by improving your operational efficiency.

David Bellini, Co-Founder & Managing Director, ConnectWise International


15:10 Workshop: The UK UCAAS Revolution: Supporting the modern, mobile workforce

During this session we will focus on how UK businesses are gearing up to support the modern mobile workforce generation with technologies such as VoIP, team messaging and collaboration solutions.



16:00 Workshop: The adoption and consumption of new technologies | Comptia

Cloud computing and mobile devices have introduced a third era of enterprise technology, where corporate behaviours are changing along with IT models. Companies are allowing business units to have a greater voice in technology decisions, and the IT function must adapt to properly guide the strategic use of business systems. Using CompTia research, this session will look at the ways that companies are changing and the actions being taken to adopt new technology.

Sue Gilkes, Faculty Member, CompTia


16:00 Workshop: Deepening your cloud services portfolio with cloud marketplace | Ingram Micro Cloud

In this session we will look at the evolution of cloud services, overall cloud adoption and key market trends that influence customers’ purchasing preferences. We will cover the benefits of Microsoft CSP and will demonstrate how you can maximise your profitability by developing a compelling solution proposition. We will focus on some of the key cloud services in the Ingram Micro Cloud portfolio and how we add value to your business.

Andrew Cottingham, Business Development Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud
James Darler, Business Development Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud
Issam Bhathal, Business Development Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud


16:50 Workshop: Understanding the legalities of the cloud and how to advise your customers | Cloud industry forum

With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and evolving cyber security landscape, this workshop will provide you with an up to date view of legal issues in relation to Cloud Services provision.

Conor Ward, Consultant Hogan Lovells LLP (Chair, Cloud Industry Legal Forum)
Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum


16:50 Workshop: Harnessing digital marketing to grow your cloud business | Ingram Micro Cloud

An introduction to the world of digital marketing and what you need to do to accelerate your business in a new age of buyer behaviour. Discover tips on how to maximise your business with the use of social media and leverage the new digital Marketing as a Service offering from Ingram Micro Cloud.

Nicola Howes, Regional Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro Cloud
Sophia Meola, Digital Marketing Executive and Award Winning Blogger, Ingram Micro Cloud

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