Cyber security and cloud innovation

As banks and other financial institutions invest in cloud solutions to reignite growth and rebuild customer trust, several competing forces need to be considered. They need to innovate quickly, decrease IT complexity and deliver an unparalleled customer experience – all while providing airtight security and the digital privacy that customers expect.

The growing dependence on networked digital systems, products, and services, has also built a rise in both the variety and quantity of cyber attacks, threatening the stability of the economy. There have already been numerous security breaches, which have had a significant impact on IT systems and networks.

The challenges of cyber security

The modern connected world provides huge benefits to organisations, however it is important to understand the security threats that come with that. These new technologies will only be successful if they have the necessary security measures and are built on a trusted computing platform.

How to reduce the risks


  • Implementing measures
  • Training staff
  • Responsibility


  • Ongoing monitoring and data mining
  • Strengthen detection measures


  • Activation of attack plan
  • Deactivate all affected technology
  • Recover

Users must be protected at all costs and that’s where you can help. All businesses and organisations need to deploy their cloud solutions securely with the support of a reseller to minimise risk. Only a reseller has the dedicated IT force needed to offer the full support needed to secure their cloud system and protect their customers.

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