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Aug, 18

Eliminating cyber threats in the modern workplace

IT leaders are sticking to tried and tested ways of managing their company’s technology needs. However, these traditional methods are no longer an adequate measure to protect against cyber risks in the modern workplace. Our research, The Modern Workplace, conducted in collaboration with Microsoft (set out to gauge employees’ attitudes towards the workplace) identified that […]


Nov, 17


Top six benefits of cloud-based document sharing and collaboration for business

In order to be a great marketer you have to be a great team player.   Steve Jobs was one of the greatest marketing minds of all time, but he didn’t work in isolation. Jobs’ ideas still needed the full support of some of the best product designers and researchers in the world. He acknowledged […]


Nov, 17

Why you should use a VPN on public WiFi.

Before connecting to public Wi-Fi have you ever wondered if the connection is safe? Well, if you have you are not alone, according to the Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report, 6 in 10 consumers believe using public Wi-Fi is riskier than using a public restroom. They were right. There’s a plethora of threats and attacks which […]


Nov, 17

The Cloud and security: time for resellers to complete the puzzle

Cloud has been a game-changer for the SMB sector, offering the latest in software, services and computing resources without the prohibitive up-front costs or scalability problems of traditional IT set-ups.   This has had a huge impact on their ability to compete with larger organisations on a global stage, and to react quickly to new […]


Oct, 17


EasyAzure: Protection

When talking about cloud most people automatically start asking questions about security. Somehow the usage of cloud technology became associated with this, and mostly in a skeptical and negative way. “Is your data safe in the cloud?” is one of the most common questions. In the past years we have dealt a lot with these […]


Feb, 16

Grow Efficiently with our Microsoft #ModernBiz Tech Series Event this month!

Ingram Micro Cloud would like to invite you to join us at our #ModernBiz Tech Series event this February at the Ingram Micro UK Offices in Milton Keynes. This event has been specifically designed for partners who are ready to learn more about meeting the technical needs of SMB’s with Microsoft solutions. The #ModernBiz ‘Grow […]

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