Category: Social Media


Jul, 16

Find your next flight with an Emoji

Users can now search for flights to select destinations using their favourite emoji characters! Cheapflights, the global flight search and travel deals website, is celebrating World Emoji Day on Sunday 17th July by launching the world’s first emoji flight search function, enabling mobile users to insert emojis instead of words for their flight origin and […]


Jun, 16

Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

It’s half way through 2016 and time to reflect on some of the digital marketing trends we have seen come to fruition in the first 6 months of the year. We all know that email marketing is dying, and there are other trends coming through that show the benefits of thinking outside of the box. […]


Feb, 16

Facebook Reactions Now Available Around the World!

Every day, people use their social media platforms to discover what is happening in the world around them. I for one, use my social media to share all kinds of things, whether that is a personal update, something relating to my blog or something thought provoking that I couldn’t miss sharing…it could be anything. The […]

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