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Apr, 16

The Roadmap to Greater System Uniformity

Running a company is a complex business. And things only become more challenging as a business starts to grow. For instance, early in a company’s life, the focus is often on innovation and functional delivery of a product or service—with cost efficiency taking a back seat. But as a company begins to experience growth, a […]


Feb, 16

3 Reasons to Get Started with RingCentral’s New Collaboration Tool Immediately!

The other day I was writing a cheque for something (I know what you are thinking, but sometimes you just need to do it), and without realising, I had to cross out 2015 and write 2016. It is still shocking that we are moving quickly through another great year. Even though we are a tad […]


Jan, 16

Weather-proof your client’s business communications with the cloud

It’s one thing to feel the crisp breeze of a winter’s morning, quite another to feel like a giant hair-dryer set to ‘cold’ is blocking you all the way to work. The term “Gale force winds set to sweep the nation,” often stands out from the newsstands at this time of year. Never mind what […]

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