May, 18


From a paper past: expert insights into the future of cloud

The pursuit of the paperless office has been a talking point since the last century, with big ambitions and stories of increased productivity that seemed poised to transform the world. Yet for decades, the idea was often thrown in the waste bin, abandoned or reimagined as a side project. The technology needed to catch up. […]


May, 18


4 reasons why your customers need help to secure data in the cloud

A cloud-based data protection service allows customers to safeguard their data without having to invest in expensive backup and storage systems. Instead of heavy capital expenditure on hardware, a monthly pay-as-you-go model means they’re only charged for the data they backup. 51% of businesses lack a disaster recovery plan for big data, mobile and hybrid […]


Apr, 18

UCaaS unified cloud communications as a service 8x8

4 easy steps to make business communications easy again

Communicating doesn’t have to be complicated. But this often isn’t the case when you’re collaborating with others across the world and faced with a complex variety of devices, applications and collaboration technologies. While employees have access to many of these technologies on their personal devices, the traditional barriers of complexity and costs have limited deployment […]

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