Feb, 18


How to protect against increasing cyber security threats

As part of their ongoing evolution, businesses are seeing the benefits of making the shift to cloud solutions and embracing new opportunities in the emerging digital economy. Yet, as business systems become more sophisticated, so do the cyber attacks that challenge them. Hackers are taking the same advantage of innovation as companies, but are using […]


Feb, 18

Why IaaS needs to be at the heart of every businesses success strategy in 2018

Gartner now forecasts that worldwide public cloud services revenue for 2017 will reach $260 billion, driven by another strong year for SaaS, and faster than anticipated growth in IaaS services. This illustrates the sheer pace at which businesses continue to embrace the benefits of the Cloud as we accelerate faster into the 4th industrial revolution. […]


Dec, 17

microsoft 365

How Microsoft 365 can be central to your Cyber Security strategy

When Satya Nadella unveiled Microsoft 365 at Inspire in July 2017, it represented a fundamental shift in the way Microsoft designs, builds and goes to market to address customers’ needs for the modern workplace. And the modern workplace is changing. As workers, we spend 50% more of our time engaged in collaborative activities – in […]

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