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Oct, 17

EasyAzure: Protection

When talking about cloud most people automatically start asking questions about security. Somehow the usage of cloud technology became associated with this, and mostly in a skeptical and negative way. “Is your data safe in the cloud?” is one of the most common questions. In the past years we have dealt a lot with these […]


Jul, 16

Find your next flight with an Emoji

Users can now search for flights to select destinations using their favourite emoji characters! Cheapflights, the global flight search and travel deals website, is celebrating World Emoji Day on Sunday 17th July by launching the world’s first emoji flight search function, enabling mobile users to insert emojis instead of words for their flight origin and […]


Jul, 16

WPC: Digital Transformation, Satya Nadella

‘Digital Transformation enables us with customisation…giving us the ability to reduce the integration cost and bring together the compostable business applications that speaks directly to the digital transformation needs of customers.’ – Satya Nadella It is not simply a case of defining Digital Transformation in one sentence, to so many businesses it has a variety […]

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