Aug, 18

Eliminating cyber threats in the modern workplace

IT leaders are sticking to tried and tested ways of managing their company’s technology needs. However, these traditional methods are no longer an adequate measure to protect against cyber risks in the modern workplace. Our research, The Modern Workplace, conducted in collaboration with Microsoft (set out to gauge employees’ attitudes towards the workplace) identified that […]


Jul, 18


The Road to Awesomeness… and Success

It’s hard to get through most days without a roadmap of some sort getting us where we need to be. We rely on our calendar to track our appointments, on Google Maps or Waze to get us to the right place, maybe even on Alexa to tell us to get out of bed. What about […]


Jun, 18

digital signatures

Are digital signatures the future?

A recent survey found that 62% of people feel uncomfortable about sending documents by post; fear of delays and items going missing are making posting important documents, such as contracts, by post a major concern. So does this signify a huge potential for digital signature solutions? Germany shares the UK’s concern for delays in its […]

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