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Acronis Backup cloud helps you solve your customers’ data protection problems, fast. Choose from On-Premise Backup Software or Cloud Backup as a Service. Fast backup, fast business. Acronis Backup cloud puts your company in a leading position with an innovative hybrid-cloud solution that protects your customers’ data up to twice as fast as the nearest competitor.

Protect an entire IT infrastructure

Many vendors offer you a cloud based backup solution or an on-premise solution, but not one that can do both. Acronis’ hybrid cloud backup solution can protect an entire IT infrastructure – in the cloud, onpremise or both. You can store backup and recover anywhere you want in any combination, whether it is based on previous Acronis systems and configurations or migrating to completely new hardware and infrastructure.

What is Acronis Backup Cloud?


Acronis Backup cloud is a comprehensive, yet simple, complete, and cost-effective local and cloud backup and recovery solution that equips service providers to solve their customers’ data protection problems. Leveraging the power of the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup Cloud delivers a highly customised, complete, and reliable service that backs up data from any source and recovers to any destination and system.


  • Fast – Realise fast time to market
  • Easy – Create an easy source of value and revenues
  • Complete – Deliver a complete and scalable backup solution
  • Safe – Appreciate safe and efficient management
  • Reliable – Trust in award-winning and reliable software

Benefits of Backup Cloud

  • Solve Customer Data Protection Challenges
    with a hybrid cloud backup service

Enable backup of your customers’ data to multiple locations — to customer’s on premise storage, to the Acronis Cloud, to your own private cloud, to third-party cloud storage, or any mix of destinations. Replicate data between locations to ensure optimal data availability and dependable data protection.

  • Reduce Management Overhead
    with a unified multi-tenant console

Accelerate management of data protection with an easy-to-use console that consolidates operations and administration into single, unified, multi-tenant solution that is available anywhere at any time.

  • Expand Total Addressable Market
    with support for 16 platforms

Protect your customers’ entire IT infrastructure with backup support for physical servers, virtual machines, cloud instances, PCs, Mac® computers, iPhone®/iPad®, Android® devices, and applications such as Microsoft Exchange®, SQL Server®, SharePoint®, and Office 365® mailboxes.

  • Improve Brand Equity
    with product customization

Brand your backup service to promote your company name and build brand equity. Develop your own pricing and packaging to deliver services that best fit the needs of your customers.

  • Reduce Operational Expenses
    with automation and platform integration

Integrate Backup Service with your billing and provisioning solutions to leverage what your organization already has in place to automate your business. Simplify customer backup operations with plugins for popular remote management platforms.

  • Spearhead New Markets
    with backup and migration for cloud infrastructure

Back up or migrate customer data from any cloud, to any cloud, or even between clouds. Incorporate workloads from Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and other cloud vendors into your customers’ unified backup plans across all locations.

These are all backed by Acronis’ years of experience in the backup and recovery industry, and our data protection technology proven in a cloud environment.

AnyData Technology

The Acronis AnyData Engine is the core suite of technology that powers all Acronis new generation data protection products to capture, store, recover, control, and access data in virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments. Fueled by over 100 patents, its modular architecture lets you use one or more Acronis products, designed and optimized for a specific workload, and lets you add on and blend additional products as your technology infrastructure evolves – without replacing any products. Whether your data resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in remote offices, the Acronis AnyData Engine combines data backup, bare metal restore, migration, system deployment, recovery, and access.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Acronis Hosted – A turnkey solution hosted in an Acronis data centre. Get your customers up and running today and realise immediate revenue.
  • Hybrid – An Acronis-hosted management console that uses the service provider’s storage. Leverage existing resources and business opportunities by choosing the storage location (your own data centre or that of another 3rd party).
  • Service Provider Hosted – The service provider manages the solution and stores the data to have full control over the solution.

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