Are digital signatures the future?


Jun, 18

digital signatures

Are digital signatures the future?

A recent survey found that 62% of people feel uncomfortable about sending documents by post; fear of delays and items going missing are making posting important documents, such as contracts, by post a major concern. So does this signify a huge potential for digital signature solutions?

Germany shares the UK’s concern for delays in its postal service; over one-third of Germans are worried that mailed documents won’t arrive in time. 31% of those in the Netherlands also expressed a discomfort towards posting physical documents.  Overall, almost half of Europeans feel uncomfortable about sending important physical documents in the post.

But how can a digital signature solution take advantage of this obvious shortfall in the market? When it comes to transferring important documents security is the most important consideration.

British watchdog Postwatch has previously estimated that the Royal Mail loses 14.4million items every year in the UK, with 60% of missing post being delivered to the wrong address; only half of the lost mail eventually finds its way to the rightful recipient.

Imagine if you were sending confidential documents or contracts via the Royal Mail would you feel comfortable? Knowing that they lose over 14 million deliveries every year?

Digitalising documents is an easy solution to this problem, providing peace of mind as well as instant arrival to the desired recipient, no matter where they are and on whatever device they are using. With e-signatures, there is no chance of documents falling into the wrong hands or going astray, except by human error on the users part, and digital signature solution providers like DocuSign ensure that their offering meets the highest possible standards in security, including providing the strongest data encryption technologies to ensure your data is secure and private.

In a rapidly-changing market with plenty of competition, your clients increasingly want to limit their paperwork. After all, paper-based transactions are costly, inefficient and environmentally irresponsible. Consumers also insist that they can be in digital contact with your clients anywhere, anytime and using any device. That’s why it is important that all the processes in the organisation are digitised as much as possible. In the digital world, companies must be always on and always connected. In the workplace or while traveling. So, when arranging contracts it’s extremely useful if they can be signed digitally; ideally without business partners having to meet each other physically, thus allowing business to be done around the world. And ideally, using any device.

DocuSign is the global market leader in electronic signatures and has more than 200 million users in 188 countries and is available in 43 languages. Download their e-book here to find out more about their solution.

Digital Signatures

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