From a paper past: expert insights into the future of cloud


May, 18


From a paper past: expert insights into the future of cloud

The pursuit of the paperless office has been a talking point since the last century, with big ambitions and stories of increased productivity that seemed poised to transform the world.

Yet for decades, the idea was often thrown in the waste bin, abandoned or reimagined as a side project. The technology needed to catch up.

Fast forward to the present, and the proliferation of mobile devices, combined with recent advancements in the ability to share, scale and secure data, means there’s never been a better time to transition from paper to digital. Right now, businesses are tripling their sales and reducing costs with very little staff disruption, by making the move to integrated paperless technologies.

Regardless of the industry, many companies are reaping the benefits of doing away with paper. Whether it’s general printing, record storage, customer and supplier communications, invoicing or mailroom, there is a range of solutions that can help reduce paper and improve profitability. From an environmental standpoint, digital alone is also more environmentally friendly than a digital and paper combination.

Playing a pivotal role in the growing significance of a paperless future is the rise of cloud computing. An off-site computing infrastructure, owned and managed by companies like Dropbox, cloud is accessible over a wide area network and integral to the digital transition. The positive impact of cloud is almost immediate, helping your company grow while keeping you in control of your data and user activity.

With cloud computing, companies can:

Save on operational costs, with reduced energy consumption and reduced capital expenditure, as well as less demand on IT resource, which can refocus on adding value to the business.
Increase productivity, with new ways to share work quickly and easily, collaborate and manage teams and responsibilities.
Be more resilient to attack and data loss, with access to leading edge firewalls and data backup, as well as continuous real-time monitoring and support.
Futureproof IT and not have to worry about upgrading server hardware or infrastructure.
Scale business quickly by increasing server capacity to accommodate new customers and services or cope with fluctuating demand without having to pay for redundant hardware.
Focus on core competencies and provide customers with revenue-generating products and services.

Security used to be a concern for companies considering widespread use of cloud technologies. Some may still worry that information could be vulnerable. The reality is that there is no security trade-off when storing data in the cloud instead of an in-house server solution.

Companies benefit from the advanced security measures built into today’s intelligent cloud offerings, which often far out-perform the on-premises solutions they are replacing. Cloud businesses tend to have more secure IT environments than their clients, because that’s their product and their sphere of excellence.

Moreover, a reluctance to embrace cloud technologies can seriously limit a company’s operations and allow competitors to gain a large competitive advantage.

When a business decides to explore the options for cloud, the wide range of offerings means that engaging the help of experts is vital to understanding the complexities and making sense of the market. Here at Ingram Micro, the expertise is baked in. No other company delivers as broad a spectrum of technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Combine this with the simple, secure sophistication of Dropbox and your company could grow without limits while you maintain complete control.

So, compare providers, evaluate the opportunities and make a considered choice, not only in terms of your cloud provider and plan, but also by harnessing the know-how of independent experts who can help you select and implement your chosen solution with the highest level of efficiency and success. The future of cloud is here and it’s ready to deliver.

To find out more about Dropbox Business, contact one of our experts today via or call 0371 973 3060.

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