4 reasons why your customers need help to secure data in the cloud


May, 18


4 reasons why your customers need help to secure data in the cloud

A cloud-based data protection service allows customers to safeguard their data without having to invest in expensive backup and storage systems. Instead of heavy capital expenditure on hardware, a monthly pay-as-you-go model means they’re only charged for the data they backup.

51% of businesses lack a disaster recovery plan for big data, mobile and hybrid cloud environments. Furthermore, 62% rate big data, mobile and hybrid cloud is ‘difficult’ to protect.1

The pending activation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018 has many businesses and public institutions scrambling to get their data protection act together. Data Protection cloud services help support GDPR compliance, with features such as data logging and reporting, along with the Data Protection hybrid cloud architecture, full control over the protected data, data encryption, anti-ransomware, and notary for backup integrity.

The impact of data protection and backup across industries varies based on the level of transformation and maturity. Some industries store high amounts of data that they need to build robust defences to protect against security breaches by cybercriminals. Customers within the manufacturing industry create and store large amounts of business-critical data. In the past, the financial services sector has been slow to adopt cloud services. Financial service firms are hit with security incidents 300% more frequently than other industries, there is a clear need for improved protection and disaster recovery.

Here are 4 reasons why your customers need help to secure data in the cloud:

Compliance & security
Rapid technology advances have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data, and so every organisation needs a comprehensive approach to privacy management. They must also document how they collect, process and store personal data. But too many companies still fall on the security fundamentals and new regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are making the cost of failure far greater than it’s ever been. Regulations are unavoidable and with no compliance, fines and audits will follow. While these regulations feel like a burden, by employing basic security measures, they can be turned into an opportunity.

It can be hard for IT staff to keep up with essential task of protecting critical data. It’s even more challenging when data lives everywhere: on workstations, servers, mobile devices, and in the cloud. Ensure your customers have business continuity by recovering from disaster in seconds or proactively avoiding downtime.

Business growth
You can protect an entire infrastructure, including on-premise and virtual systems by agility and flexibility. The backup you’re providing is application aware, so you can easily recover Exchange and SQL servers, as well as individual mailboxes and mailbox objects. When GDPR comes to life, companies can learn more about their customers while building customer loyalty and increasing efficiency. GDPR can help you cross sell by having a data strategy to sharpen your market segmentation.

Using the Data Protection Cloud service model, customers can back up the data they need and pay for services they require, whilst still controlling costs. Take advantage of the growing market, expand your portfolio and create new revenue streams without large upfront investments. Once your customer engages you to store their critical data, they’re less inclined to look for an alternative offering. Data Protection Cloud services are ready to sell and are easy to deploy without requiring high-end IT expertise or an expensive infrastructure.

GDPR isn’t avoidable, it will impact all organisations. By organisations embracing what’s required, organisations can use GDPR to their advantage. Technology can help power much of the needed change which allows companies to more responsive and have an improved process with data requests to help survive the GDPR world.

To help your customers protect their business, you need to move away from traditional backup and recovery and offer a solution designed for today’s evolving IT landscape, to include all facets of cloud, virtualisation, BYOD and big data. The Acronis Backup Cloud and Disaster Recovery Cloud allows you to provide this comprehensive level of security, quickly and simply, to protect a customer’s entire infrastructure and keep their businesses safe.

To learn more, download our eBook on the infinite possibilities for backup and disaster recovery here: ingrammicrocloud.co.uk/Acronis or alternatively, contact one of our cloud experts via cloud@ingrammicro.co.uk or 0371 973 3060.

1. The Global Cost of Data Loss, Iron Mountain

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