How to protect against increasing cyber security threats


Feb, 18


How to protect against increasing cyber security threats

As part of their ongoing evolution, businesses are seeing the benefits of making the shift to cloud solutions and embracing new opportunities in the emerging digital economy. Yet, as business systems become more sophisticated, so do the cyber attacks that challenge them. Hackers are taking the same advantage of innovation as companies, but are using it to exploit vulnerabilities within these businesses.

As the level of cyber security threat increases, there is also an added challenge – attacks are now happening before the business has time to react, let alone prepare. And despite what the big news stories focus on, these attacks are not limited to large corporates. Every business is at risk, including SMBs. Therefore, it’s important for companies of any size and scope to recognise the clear threats and take the necessary action, so attackers cannot succeed easily.

From cyber defence and email security to encryption requirements, Symantec is the partner who has a solution to offer it all. The key is to make sure that the implementation is robust enough to deal with the ever-evolving threat from attackers. If it doesn’t provide the level of security needed, then the opportunity can swing in the attackers favour – they can get hold of any data they want from a single machine, or release malware that infects multiple machines on the network. One security breach could be devastating for businesses, instantly ruin reputations, and undo all the positive work and trust that has built up over the years.

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will ensure that European organisations are doing all they can to protect against the cyber security threats. For those that collect personal data for EU residents, GDPR will make it a requirement to develop a compliance programme. It comes into effect from Friday 25th May 2018, and although it may seem like a daunting task, businesses will need to embrace the concept of compliance if they are to prevent attacks.

A key driver for the change is making data protection law identical throughout the single market. However, GDPR will also undoubtedly help businesses understand and manage their data in a better way – becoming more security conscious and as a result can have a wider, more positive impact into the future.

The deadline for being GDPR-ready is fast approaching, but it isn’t too late for businesses to take significant steps towards compliance. Ingram Micro Cloud work with Symantec, to help you get there faster and more effectively.

These are the key points to consider and achieve on the journey to compliance:
• Identify and understand the data
• Ensure that the data is protected effectively
• Proactively detect threats
• Respond to incidents and mitigate both impact and future risk

To learn more about the Symantec solutions that can help businesses protect against the cyber security attacks, visit or speak to one of our Cloud security experts on 0371 973 3060.

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