Cloud collaboration in the Workplace driven by the next generation workforce


Dec, 17

Unified cloud communications

Cloud collaboration in the Workplace driven by the next generation workforce

It is generally accepted that ‘Millennials’, also known as Generation Y, have made a significant impact on the modern workplace. This has caused an acceleration in the adoption of new technologies driven by their increased use and familiarity with communications, media and digital.

Unlike the ‘MTV Generation’, or Generation X, before them the Millennials aptitude and utilisation of technology is significantly higher, due to being raised alongside the global adoption of the internet and associated technologies in the workplace. A study by Strauss and Howe in 2007 found that 97% of Millennials own a computer, a mobile phone and speak to their parents on average 1.5 times a day. Millennials use social networking sites, to create a different sense of belonging, make acquaintances, and to remain connected with friends and family as well as for business networking.

Soon we’ll no longer be talking about Millennials as the future influencers of our working world, as we’ll see an influx of Generation Z, also known as the ‘iGeneration’, into the workforce. Unlike Millennials, the iGeneration have used the internet since a young age and will likely not remember less effective technologies – compared to today’s standards – such as floppy disks or dial-up internet. They have also most likely had some form of social media profile for the majority of their lives and interaction with friends, family and acquaintances in their personal and business lives is conducted via this medium as a norm.

A survey conducted by 8×8 revealed that the iGeneration values effective communication over convenience, unlike millennials. Effective communication should not have to be sacrificed for convenience, which means that to satisfy the demands of its incoming workforce, businesses will need to evaluate the communication tools they utilise to ensure they are indeed effective.

It is known that there is a continuing rise in the mobile workforce due to the increased adoption and utilisation of wearable tech and advancements in smartphone technology. Microsoft reports that in SMB, 37% of the entire global workforce is mobile and this is driving the emergence of new and more effective communication tools.

8×8 provides a technology solution that combines Unified Communications with Contact Centre Solutions delivered by one unified platform to manage employees and customers. 8×8’s seamless experience offers fast and efficient employee collaboration – satisfying the core demand of the iGeneration workforce. Channel partners can assist their business partners by introducing technologies such as 8×8 as a collaboration tool to enhance the office experience.

To learn more about 8×8 or Unified Cloud Communications, download our free Powering the Workplace of the Future whitepaper. Alternatively, please contact the Ingram Micro Cloud specialist sales team via or call 0371 973 3060.



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