The Cloud and security: time for resellers to complete the puzzle


Nov, 17

The Cloud and security: time for resellers to complete the puzzle

Cloud has been a game-changer for the SMB sector, offering the latest in software, services and computing resources without the prohibitive up-front costs or scalability problems of traditional IT set-ups.


This has had a huge impact on their ability to compete with larger organisations on a global stage, and to react quickly to new challenges and market opportunities. So it’s hardly surprising that this model of IT consumption is now increasingly widespread, with 93% of organisations using cloud services in some form. But Cloud’s success has raised the pressing issue of security, and it’s one that isn’t being tackled fast enough.


Security rears its head

The security environment is evolving at a bewildering speed. Cybercriminals are highly inventive and responsive to new vulnerabilities, and the growing reward for such activity is providing an incentive for these operations to become increasingly professionalised.


Many SMBs believe they’re too small to be viable targets, so security isn’t always the priority that it should be. However, smaller organisations present an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals, and the effect of a breach on reputation and revenue is potentially catastrophic.


Although security threats aren’t new, this issue has become even more critical with the movement of larger quantities of company information into the Cloud: 74% of organisations store some or all of their sensitive data in public Clouds.


Hijacked login credentials, malware injections, insecure APIs and data transfer between private and public Cloud networks are just a few of the potentially vulnerable areas. The likelihood of getting a malware infection alone from a Cloud app is a staggering 52%.


The security skills gap

Security skills are much in demand in today’s changing threat landscape, and attracting and retaining relevant talent is a challenge for both SMBs and resellers. The ability to keep abreast of rapidly changing security threats, and maintaining the insight and expertise to tackle them, can be difficult.


A lack of cybersecurity skills has slowed Cloud adoption for nearly half of organisations. This is likely to contribute to the increasing adoption of Shadow Cloud by non-IT departments frustrated with the slowness of service provision, further complicating the role of security professionals.


An opportunity for resellers

For SMBs, one of the attractions of Cloud services is that they can focus on their core business instead of worrying about researching, purchasing and maintaining the latest software and equipment. A similar argument applies to security, where greater protection often comes from the scale, expertise and global threat visibility that larger organisations usually only have the resources to achieve.


SMBs want resellers and service providers to solve their IT headaches – and that includes the security issues that are hampering Cloud adoption. To achieve credibility, the security that resellers provide must be proven, robust and integrated with their wider Cloud offering as part of a complete solution. Doing so is also good for the reseller’s business, as by removing the barrier to Cloud adoption by customers, they are opening the door to further Cloud business.


Why work with Ingram Micro Cloud for security?

Our complete security package provides:

  • Integrated McAfee anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-virus, offering wide-ranging threat visibility and maximising protection against emerging online threats
  • Access to the skills, expertise and insight you need to secure your customers’ Cloud infrastructure
  • Management and provisioning through the easy-to-use Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace portal

Source of statistics: Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky, McAfee, Jan 2017


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