EasyAzure: Protection


Oct, 17


EasyAzure: Protection


When talking about cloud most people automatically start asking questions about security. Somehow the usage of cloud technology became associated with this, and mostly in a skeptical and negative way. “Is your data safe in the cloud?” is one of the most common questions. In the past years we have dealt a lot with these questions and you know, it is not that simple to answer. The thing is, your data is as secure in the cloud as it would be on on-premises hardware as long as you take the right precautions when building the architecture. Would you want to have a file server in your network that is connected to the internet directly without having a firewall in between? You hopefully answer “No” here. Well the same goes for your virtual servers in Azure.

So how do we get from a skeptical view to a view and mindset in which we actually start using the cloud for our security purposes? Easy, by implementing well designed and complete solutions. Solutions that deliver the continuity and services that are required to build safe and robust solutions. Preferably in a cost model that is favorable to the market.

This change of perception becomes a good opportunity for those who offer cloud solutions. This is basically because there are a number of cloud tools that can help increase barriers to threats and vulnerabilities.

Gartner forecasts cloud-based security services to grow 21 percent from last year. According to the consultancy, this segment is expected to reach $ 9 billion by 2020, which represents an above-average expansion of the overall market for security solutions.

Ingram Micro has contracted several security vendors that are successfully delivering cloud-based technologies. With our security portfolio we reach out to our partners on their journeys to the cloud. After all, the adoption of cloud security can considerably increase the levels of protection, since they represent an interesting alternative because of the ease of adoption, simplicity of management and cost based on usage.

EasyAzure Protection
This is where the EasyAzure program of Ingram Micro comes in. The program fulfills the need of the channel being able to offer cloud security solutions in a very simple way by giving access to how-to materials presented as blueprints. EasyAzure, based on Microsoft’s platform as a service, offers three cloud security packages: Backup, Disaster Recovery and Security. Each package contains detailed information on how to implement your security solution through simple steps in Azure. Go to www.ingrammicrocloud.eu/easyazure and have a look at the nine available blueprints Ingram is offering you.

More to come
The EasyAzure program is step by step program, showing 3 solutions: Protection, Management and Expansion. Each area is split into 3 packages and then again each package contains detailed how to information written in a clear blueprint. Ingram Micro will release the EasyAzure material on a regular base, starting with the Protection solution area.


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