Symantec: Security in the Cloud is peace of mind for SMBs 


Sep, 17

Symantec: Security in the Cloud is peace of mind for SMBs 

The rise in reported Cyber-attacks which compromise user’s data continues to increase.


Cyber-attacks using malware called ‘BadRabbit’ hit Russia and other nations just recently, affecting the Russian Interfax news agency and causing flight delays at Ukraine’s Odessa airport. The malware spread rapidly across Europe with the UK’s GCHQ issuing fresh warnings about cyber risks for businesses.

The Bermuda hack – which could be something like a repeat of the Panama Papers – may be about to lead to a major examination of the financial, corporate and tax affairs of the most important people on the planet.

Furthermore, hackers referring to themselves as ‘Dark Overlord’ recently claimed to have stolen terabytes of sensitive personal files of well-known public figures and continue to threaten to release them into the public domain. Analysts commented on the sophisticated nature of the hackers, who previously targeted US medical providers and corporations.


Firms are increasingly being forced to review their data policies and security technologies – a wise move considering the impending GDPR legislation coming into effect on May 25th 2018. SMBs are certainly not free from the threat of cyber-attacks, as Small Business Trends reports that 43% of reported Cyber-attacks in the UK in 2016 affected small to medium sized businesses.


Finding a technology which is quick and easy to manage & deploy, built with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and is connected to a global threat network in the Cloud is the ideal solution for SMBs to consider. Businesses are also increasingly demanding technologies which can scale up and down to accommodate workforces or varying team sizes, adopting solutions such as Office 365 in this vein, and rejecting the rigid software license models of the past.


Symantec’s Endpoint Protection Cloud is a cloud-based management solution for commercial sized businesses looking to secure corporate end user devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and servers) on various platforms (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) accessible from a single console. Endpoint Protection Cloud configures policies based on the role of a user in an organization and allows end users to self-enrol their own devices, corporate or personally owned, via their own online portal.


SEP Cloud stands out as a quality solution for businesses because it addresses all of the key challenges posed by today’s digital world.


With more businesses moving towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and the increasing demand for choice and variety in devices, Symantec embraces this challenge by providing a solution that works cross platform. The AI functionality and connection to Symantec’s global threat network mean the technology rapidly responds and protects against new threats as soon as they are reported. For businesses already consuming collaboration technologies in the Cloud – such as Office 365 or Dropbox Business – SEP Cloud is an easy additional to the Op ex business model, as it is provisioned straight from Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace platform on a per user, per month basis with the ability to scale users at will.


To learn more about Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, contact the Ingram Micro Cloud team today.

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