Digital Marketing Trends of 2016


Jun, 16

Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

It’s half way through 2016 and time to reflect on some of the digital marketing trends we have seen come to fruition in the first 6 months of the year. We all know that email marketing is dying, and there are other trends coming through that show the benefits of thinking outside of the box. Here is a snap shot of my 3 favourite trends on the year so far…

Why wouldn’t you want to utilise a free marketing platform which provides you access to millions of potential customers and clients? Social Media is a modern day platform for free marketing and if you have not adopted it within your business, you are missing a trick! Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can significantly increase your reach and engagement, not to mention encourage click-through rates. Not only that, social media also allows you to…

– Quickly and easily distribute content to existing and potentially new customers – after all, we all know that content is king.
– Become a thought leader within your industry – Post interesting insights and valuable information that your target audience will be interested in reading, this will keep them coming back for more.
– Increase traffic to your website – When you are sharing content over social, you are giving users a reason to click-through to your website.
– Address customer issues and amplify great feedback – Good or bad, feedback helps you to improve your service. Use social media to quickly respond to bad feedback and shout any great feedback you might have received – after all if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Marketing Automation
Automated technology is allowing us to gain better customer insights as well as control and tailor the customer experience and content their receive. It is not enough to simply deliver a generic message across your entire database, we now need to gain intelligence and understand the customer needs to build a detailed profile that you can reach out to more effectively.

– Save time and resources – automation allows you to schedule in emails and social messaging months in advance, so you have more time to work on the important stuff. Spend the time to set up a successful automated campaign and see it run effortlessly in the background without you having to lift a finger, now that’s pretty cool right?
– Create a consistent brand across multiple channels – Sync multiple automation platforms to roll out your campaign across various channels increasing your reach.
– Maintain a professional consistency – You can regulate how much and how often you deliver content to your customer and when they receive it.

Search engine optimisation is a powerful tool and a crucial part of your marketing mix. Better known as SEO, it enables you to reach your highest marketing potential through influencing the research/buying cycle of potential new customers. It would be a mistake to assume that people have heard of your brand and know what your company do, so it is your responsibility to ensure when they are searching for their next great deal or solution, that your company hits them smack bang in the face. SEO isn’t new, however not many CEO’s have understood the importance of investing until now.

– Showcase your business – Help search engines help you, SEO is built into your website to enable search engines to showcase your business the way you want.
– Content is king, but the devil is in the detail – Keywords and great content can see you rank high on search engines for years if it is done correctly. Invest now and continue reaping the rewards in years to come.
– Reach your target customer – Get selective traffic aligned to your business strategy and analyse the results off of the back of it.

So there are my top 3 trends for 2016, each have many more benefits that you should definitely do some research into if this article has spiked your interest. A combination of the 3 done well will see you fly when it comes to marketing your business, but I must stress that the above should be supported with a strong brand and engaging content.

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