Your competitors are moving to CSP – What about you?


May, 16

Your competitors are moving to CSP – What about you?

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program

The CSP program allows you to sell Microsoft cloud products, such as Office 365, along with your own offerings and services. Partners own the complete customer lifecycle through direct billing, provisioning, management, and support.

The CSP program enables you to:

– Create a customer offer, set the price, and own the billing terms
– Integrate service offerings with Microsoft cloud services
– Stay at the centre of the Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle

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It’s simple to start buying the licenses on CSP program. All you would need to do go to, activate your Cloud Marketplace account and get driving your Office 365 sale. Don’t forget to take leverage of our Summer Incentive – you can find more details here. Don’t forget – Ingram Micro have a team of cloud specialists available to assist with all your Cloud needs. Contact us today on 0871 973 3060 or via

Happy Selling!

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