Have you talked to your customers about their digital transformation strategy?


Apr, 16

Have you talked to your customers about their digital transformation strategy?

As I review and consider the latest findings from the Cloud Industry Forum survey of 250 SMB, enterprise and public sector organisations, one key point is clear – the need for a digital transformation strategy. We are becoming normalised to the adoption of cloud with trends still remaining high. 78% of those surveyed are using cloud services today, with 77% deploying two or more cloud services. The usual reasons for deployment are also present – flexibility of delivery, scalability and cost savings cited as the some of the main drivers of adoption.

What is more interesting is the surging shift to a pure cloud environment. 20% of businesses want to move their entire IT estate to the cloud as soon as possible with an additional 29% stating that they will move to the cloud during the refreshment cycles of their servers and applications. This changes the predicted trends of a mainly hybrid led world.

But we know cloud is not just an IT strategy, it’s the implementation of a strategic business need to evolve for future success. Where IT roles were once maybe scared for their livelihood because of the disruptive nature of cloud, we are seeing these roles embracing cloud (69% respondents say the IT department are still the decision makers) and utilising their new found time to drive strategy rather than maintain estates.

Above all of this is the need to have a strategy to transform as a business to the new digital age. Whilst the percentage of respondents stating that they have a strategy is worrying low at only 16%, more reassuring is that 45% are either starting to implement their digital transformation strategy or will do so in the next 12 months. But 28% state that they do not intend to have one. Of those that have started to implement a strategy, 38% say that this has given them significant competitive advantage.

Consider these findings within your own customer base. As technology evolves are you speaking to an audience that is going to adopt and transform for your business security? How many strategic transformation sessions do you have customers? Do you position your services as a change agent? Have you refined your approach to helping your customers create a roadmap for modern business strategic transformation?

You can download and read the full report here.

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