Take your business from Chaos to Control with ConnectWise & The CloudConsole


Apr, 16

Take your business from Chaos to Control with ConnectWise & The CloudConsole

It’s time to remove some of the chaos that’s holding your business back and to do this, you need to first centralise your business around one system. ConnectWise is the leading business management platform worldwide that enables resellers to achieve greater accountability, operation efficiency and profitability. With ConnectWise, communication and information flows easily between people, departments and the applications that supports your business whilst fully integrating business process automation, help desk, sales, marketing, project management and business analytics that dramatically streamlines companies operations.

9 Things ConnectWise can do for you…

1. Track Everything in One Place
2. Capture All Time & Every Issue
3. Make Projects More Manageable
4. Automate Billing
5. Easily Manage Agreements
6. Collapse SLA Response Time
7. Track Licenses & Expirations
8. Enable you to Make Informed Decisions
9. Ensures Compliance

CloudConsole eases transition for new cloud solution providers
The CloudConsole, released early last year, was developed to address inefficiencies in the management and billing of services as companies move their clients from on-premise systems to the Cloud, providing them with the competitive edge they require to grow their business. CloudConsole is the only multitenant Cloud monitoring and billing tool, allowing resellers to deliver one invoice to their clients without adding another vendor to their solutions, taking the worry out of making the move to Microsoft CSP.

Maximise Efficiency:
Minimise the time consuming administration of Office 365 applications to free up time and money, CloudConsole enables you to seamlessly manage Office 365 from within Labtech and ConnectWise.

Manage the Cloud:
Effectively manage all users, groups and mailboxes from one place, whilst adding or removing accounts with ease.

Monitor the Cloud:
Set monitors for any Office 365 services, so anytime there is a disruption or outage, notifications put you in a position to be proactive with clients. Set alerts on mailbox usage to proactively upsell when customers are close to capacity.

Bill the Cloud:
A fully automated billing process saves you time as well as delivers one single invoice to your customers.

Have a Pulse on your Clients:
Visual dashboards and reporting features provide you with the ability to do quick health checks or deep dives into all of the services your clients are using within Office 365.

To find out more about ConnectWise Business Management, the CloudConsole or to request a demo, please contact a member of our dedicated team of Cloud Specialists on 0871 973 3030 or email cloud@ingrammicro.co.uk

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