Why move from on premise to the Cloud?


Mar, 16

Why move from on premise to the Cloud?

Why move from on premise to the Cloud? This is a question many of you would have thought about when speaking to your customers and one that you can pull various facts from the internet around including scalability, cost savings, business protection etc. This is all great, but data varies from source to source to benefit certain product lines and secondly this doesn’t necessarily relate or resonate with your customers. So rather than simply looking at why move from on premise to cloud solutions look at your customers main pain points and resolve them…. Simple! Firstly this will be a much easier sale and secondly if you resolve those issues I guarantee you will deepen your relationships!

…So what next?

Business is constantly evolving and everyone is looking to get the edge over their competitor. With companies and government organisations operating 24/7 it will be the companies that adopt an efficient reliable IT strategy that not only survive, but prosper. As a result of this we are changing the way we work, the line between our work and social life is becoming blurred. We have multiple generations, working from multiple devices, in multiple locations and especially with the digital generation we are seeing a big consumer influence on our business IT strategy. This is where the sales 101 comes in…. you absolutely have to specialise in your customer, I cannot stress this enough. You need to know what makes them tick, what triggers that emotion in them, what’s keeping them up at night. How do their applications work in their infrastructure? How do their users interact with those applications? What it means to their business? What happens if those systems are down from both a financial standpoint and an operational standpoint? This may sound like a lot of information to take in, but you only have to understand it once and when you get it, I guarantee you will maintain and continue to grow with their business. That’s the beauty of cloud, when done properly you forge and create on-going relationships, this isn’t a one-off deal, this is a partnership.

I would always encourage you to research this and form your own opinions, but please if you do want to have a conversation around this in more depth please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Ingram Micro have a team of cloud specialists available to assist with all your Cloud needs. Contact us today on 0871 973 3060 or via cloud@ingrammicro.co.uk.

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