Realise the Dropbox Opportunity!


Mar, 16

Realise the Dropbox Opportunity!

Dropbox blog picWith over 500 million people worldwide using Dropbox to work the way they want to, on any device, wherever they are, Dropbox is an exciting new partner within the Ingram Micro Cloud portfolio. By partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud you will be able to use the services for your business needs. Dropbox allows you to store files in one central place, sync changes across devices and easily share them with your colleagues which will enable you to work more efficiently within your business. Dropbox is a household name we have all come to know and love and users can get 2GB of space for personal use free of charge! By partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud you can now use the services of Dropbox for your Business needs.

From storing files, photos and videos in the cloud, you also have the ability to edit those files with teammates in a shared folder and you will never loose a file again. Left your phone on a train, or don’t have your laptop with you and need your files? Simply log into your Dropbox account (either online or via the App if you’re using Windows 10 or a mobile device) and boom… they’re your files! It is literally that easy. I’ve lost count of the times I have needed a file I have on my laptop and wished I could access it on my phone whilst out and about, now I have Dropbox that never happens.

Dropbox is fully compatible with Office 365 as well as over 300,000 apps which makes it a fantastic attach opportunity. It is sold on a per user license basis for scalability with annual renewals which enables you to strengthen existing customer relationships and uncover future needs within their business.

At our recent Cloud Live event at Woburn Forrest Center Parcs partners were given the opportunity to be among the first to hear about our new partnership and the Dropbox Offering. It was well received and partners could clearly see how using and selling Dropbox for Business can help them provide an all-round managed solution with functionalities such as file sharing, storage and access to files whenever and wherever they are needed.

It’s simple to get registered as a Dropbox partner, just submit your application here! You will then be contacted by the Dropbox team to confirm your registration. If you do not yet have an Ingram Micro account you can register as a new reseller hereIt’s that easy! Don’t forget – Ingram Micro have a team of cloud specialists available to assist with all your Cloud needs. Contact us today on 0871 973 3060 or via

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