Cloud based file sharing; how about you?


Jan, 16

Cloud based file sharing; how about you?

A while ago, I worked for a company specialised in IT security. So, obviously, it was very “not done” to take along data on our laptops. Even while we were always on the road. Don’t put any company sensitive data on your machine, they said, “you never know”. We worked from home a lot, because of the traffic we came across from time to time. Or it was simply more convenient. We had a lot of flexibility. So we had to connect to the company server environment with a VPN, some of us even had their own firewall installed at home. Can you imagine? And on top of that, to make it, even more, secure, we all had a two-factor-authentication token in our pockets. That way we could connect whenever we wanted…

So this is what we’re talking about a lot the past few years. Take a closer look at the situations I described; On the road a lot, working from home, connect wherever you want or need to, security, taking along data “yes-or-no”?

It’s all about flexibility, isn’t it? Isn’t that something we all want? To be able to handle our work as flexible as possible? Or maybe does our employer expects us to be much more available than, let’s say, a couple of yours ago? Or is internal competition so present, we try to be available as much as we can? We want to be the best, for ourselves and of course to please the boss. Because who else gives us that promotion?

Well, this is where Nomadesk comes in.

Partners/resellers who provide Nomadesk to their clients, provide not only a worthy alternative for the traditional file server but combine that with many features that offers flexibility, security and mobility. So working from home? Not a problem. Connect with your company laptop, or even your own, to your Nomadesk account, and start working. You must know, this is fast, hyper fast. Why, you say? Because you are working on your local machine. All is synchronised and secure.

On the road a lot? No worries, take along your data on your company laptop. Yes, you can! You may! It is kept safely stored, even encrypted. No need to be afraid in case of “you never know”.

Connect whenever you want, wherever you want? Use a PC, laptop, Mac, Windows or mobile device. It’s all synchronised. And within the same license, so the boss or CFO doesn’t need to worry about costs.

And how about you? The reseller? The trusted advisor? I promise you this, Nomadesk takes care of the product and operational hassle, so you can focus on sales and invoicing. That’s the nice thing about Nomadesk as a company. We understand everybody wants to earn money. I know I do. So that’s why we only work through our partner channel, and offer our partners a nice recurring margin.

What do you say? Are you on board? Ready to step into the subscription based business? Nice, contact Ingram Micro Cloud so they can tell you all about Market Place and how to order through their platform. Email or call 0871 973 3060 today!

Article Contributor: Nico Bosschaert – Channel Account Manager for Nomadesk

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