Give extra wings to your cloud services with Microsoft CSP


Jan, 16

Give extra wings to your cloud services with Microsoft CSP

The pace of changing technology, innovation, business and its adoption has been stunning. Technological advancements are occurring so fast that the current way of using technology always seems out of date. Technology progresses, digital trend shift, and customer needs are constantly changing and continuous change demands constant innovation. Service providers are required to quickly adapt their business models to take advantage of opportunities while combating new challenges brought forth by an expanding market. Introducing the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program has brought that revolution in selling Microsoft cloud products that will accelerate reseller’s business. The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program has empowered partners to manage almost every activity to support their customer life cycle from sales to renewal, from billing and provisioning to supporting their customers. The CSP program enables resellers to provide flexible monthly billing, reduce the time to provision cloud services and take ownership of their customer service management.

The introduction of newfangled pieces of knowledge especially in the field of information technology has radically altered not only the market trends but also the Value-added resellers so that they can keep themselves aligned with the current market trends. Today, VARs are not only looking to provide their customers with some combination of procurement consulting, but also, value added services and IT support. Overall, VARs are looking for customer management lifecycles. Using the CSP program VARs would not only utilise the dedicated cloud marketplace portal to directly provision, manage and support their customer subscriptions but would also double their margin. Industry analysts agree that the cloud trend will not only continue, but will accelerate in the future. This represents an incredible opportunity for Microsoft partners to build their business on top of Microsoft’s “Cloud first, Mobile first” vision.

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