Leveraging the EMS Opportunity


Jan, 16

Leveraging the EMS Opportunity

In this ‘Cloud first, Mobile first’ world, the way that we consume technology is changing. Times have changed from being restricted to working from your workplace to being able to work from anywhere on any device. This is a great benefit to organisations as their workers can be more productive but also offer the increased level of service which the end users of this digital age requires. It gives far greater flexibility with an increasing trend of working remotely and bringing your own devices into the working environment. However, this also creates significant risks to the organisation in terms of security, data integrity and management of the devices. This is crucial to businesses to have tools in place to monitor and protect their employees, devices and most importantly their data. This is where you can leverage the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

You may have heard about EMS before as a term mentioned by Microsoft but in its simplest form it is a suite combined of four solutions:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium
    • Easily manage identities across on premise and Cloud.
    • Single Sign On to O365 and multifactor authentication
    • Self-service password reset for any application
  • Azure Rights Management Service –
    • Encryption, identity and authorisation to secure corporate data.
    • Across a range of devices (phones, tablets and PC’s)
  • Microsoft Windows Intune – (inc System Centre Configuration Manager)
    • Mobile Device Management for Windows, iOS and Android.
    • Mobile Application Management for Windows and Ios.
    • PC management and system centre integration.
    • Built in O365 Management Console.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) –
    • Behaviour based threat analytics.
    • Identifies suspicious activities and threats in real time.

Leveraging the EMS Opportunity - Andy

The Opportunity to leverage EMS:

Selling EMS into your customer base presents a massive opportunity to if you are selling as an attachment to range of other Microsoft Cloud solutions:

  • Devices: – EMS provides – Mobile Device and application management making sure the device is used to the businesses guidelines. Maintaining security of data stored on the device.
  • O365:- EMS is fully integrated to work with O365 from Identity management to managing the O365 console.
  • Azure:- If you are already Selling Azure then EMS enhances this opportunity. It combines two of the more regular functions of Azure in the form of Active Directory Premium and Azure Rights Management Service.

How to buy EMS:

EMS is prices per seat and can be purchased through the Open Licensing channel for Corporate, Government and Education. You can also purchase EMS as part of our CSP offering on our Cloud Marketplace.

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace
The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace is an ecosystem of buyers, sellers, and solutions, enabling channel partners and professionals to purchase, provision, manage and invoice with confidence and ease. It removes the complexity in procurement, management and support that’s too often inherent in cloud technologies, and enables partners to manage the complete end-customer subscription life-cycle from a single automated platform.

To Sign up to Cloud Marketplace follow the link below and start your EMS journey:  http://uk.cloud.im

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