Weather-proof your client’s business communications with the cloud


Jan, 16

Weather-proof your client’s business communications with the cloud

It’s one thing to feel the crisp breeze of a winter’s morning, quite another to feel like a giant hair-dryer set to ‘cold’ is blocking you all the way to work.

The term “Gale force winds set to sweep the nation,” often stands out from the newsstands at this time of year. Never mind what it might do to your hairstyle, it’s the leaves on the track, and trees on the road that may well keep you or your clients from getting to the office.

Whilst you wait for the clearance crew to arrive, who will be answering your calls or better yet, who will respond to your client’s calls if no one is in the office?

We now live in a world with more flexibility in not just how we work, but where we work, and where our clients are distributed. So whilst those high winds may keep you away from the office, it doesn’t mean it has to keep you away from your customer’s communications, or from setting up the communication for your clients.

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Whichever way the wind blows, you have the options to stay mobile:

  1. When the weather changes with no warning, you can forward calls to mobile phones, suitable colleagues or arrange for departmental calling for an office you might manage, allowing communications to fly around faster than those strong winds.
  2. Weather warnings are almost entirely accurate these days. With time to prepare for those advancing cold fronts, you can have calls forwarded to desktops, mobile or home numbers before you even have to risk stepping out of the house.
  3. Despite forecasts, nature will always find a way of surprising us. In the event that high winds keep everyone from getting to the office, you can make sure your calls and your client’s lines are being answered.

There is now no excuse to leave your clients communications system up in the air when it comes to bad weather. Make sure you have the right tools to keep the conversation going even when you are prevented from getting to your destination and your clients know they can rely on you to fix issues caused by bad weather.

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Article Contributor: Evelin Goldstein – EMEA Marketing Manager, RingCentral

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